Data centre transformation consulting

“Tier level assessment & analysis or better to call 'Tier Gap Analysis', business should be resilient of many 'unknowns', to overcome we should transform. Two fundamental bottom line of Data center business would be to manage 'Data Center Operations Management' along with IT and non-IT aspects of DC - M.E.P. covering Power, Cooling, Telecom and can be extended to Compute, Network, Storage. (IT Infrastructure assessment) Our model guides the shortfalls, gaps and share leading practices for future growth & business demands. If we don't act on time OPEX and CAPEX would be unmanageable, as today IT infrastructures, servers and storages are packed with components which required more power (TDP), which add to power cost and Heat(in BTU) generated.  'HEAT' which is growing from 'arithmetic progression-to-geometric progression (AGP)' which is making most of our client think dynamic approach to 'system acquisition and operations'.

From sometime back to today there has been 6x growth where seen in the number of cores leading to performance improvement and demand for more power.... Talk to us today to overcome unknowns!

Docker/Containers, K8, LXD

Today growth of the SMB container management market will be influenced by the growth of the new application development, application modernization efforts, and these efforts are leveraging containers to enable agility and speed of application deployment pipelines.

Container/Docker/LXD(Linux) adoption will increase at a unprecedented pace since last few years, and the key is 'Performance'.

Performance plays the key role for sensitive stateful workloads on production deployment/environment, whether you have sensitive telecom applications, business and fi

Professional data recovery

Save your data save your world! Yes, this is our slogan. Today meaningful data means high expectancy of business and job to be live, ticking and growing. If you haven't thought of this today and experiencing any kindly of data loss across your secondary storage devices - call us now!

Hard-disks are electromechanical component which has high wear and tear and data can be lost without even you knowing, so preventive action would be required and we can help.

Also with recovery of lost data our team can identify whether the data has actually been lost or if lost we can recover or not.


- We need to visit your facility based on pre arranged time slots.

- Would do a primly review of the device.

- Will describe the acceptable process in order to recovering the data.

- Can also provide other alternative including (not limited to) cloud backup.