Effective Date: 7-8-2021

Version: 1.1

Please read this privacy policy carefully. Sanganak Labs and its affiliates are committed to protecting your information. This document sets out how we handle your personal information.

0. Explanation to terms

  • “We”, “us”, or “Sanganak Labs” or “SG Labs” refers to this website SanganakLabs.co.in
  • “You”, “They”, “Them” are attributed to reader of this privacy policy. It could be individual or groups or a company.
  • “The Website”, “our Website” refers to sanganaklabs.co.in

1. Introduction

This policy explains

  • How we collect and use personal information
  • Your choice and rights regarding our use of personal information

2. How we collect personal information

We collect your personal information

  • How we colleWhen you express an interest in our product on social media by liking or commenting on our messages, videos or pictures,
  • When you communicate to us through email,
  • When you submit your personal information on our website,
  • When you attend our webinar or meetups, and
  • When you visit our websites
    • Information captured in our web logs. These could be device information, your identifying information (such as IP addresses and device ID), browser you used to visit, geo-location, internet connection information etc
  • When you provide information on our website

We also collect your information

  • When we collect your information through third parties, referrals or sourced, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and
  • When we collect information available publicly – telephone directory, newspapers, commercially available marketing lists, public records.
  • When you subscribe to our email newsletters

3.  What we collect under personal information

  • Your Name, title, contact details and your address,
  • Name of your company,
  • Communication ways with you and your preference mode of contacting you
  • Information you provide while posting responses or content on social media sites

4.  What we collect under personal information

  • We use this information for
  • Facilitating our business through communication with you,
    • Analysing and researching the information to serve you better now and in the future
    • Serve you better now and in the future
    • Sending our marketing information to you
    • Investigating any complaint received and act on it,
    • Monitor our social media interaction,
    • Manage and improve on our relations with you
  • We have interest in promoting our business and brand
  • If we use your information for marketing, we will seek a separate consent from you through mail or other means.
  • We can use your personal information and interest
  • To comply with applicable laws or regulations

5. When we Disclose information

  • We will disclose your personal information to legal agencies as required by law.
  • We will share your information with our affiliates and agents and partners to process your information
  • We will share with third parties providing services to us on our behalf.
  • We will share your information in the event we get merged, sold or transfer our assets to other parties due to corporate changes. In this event any other party involved in pre-transaction review may also seek this information.

6. How to delete your information with us

  • You can send us email as per noted on Our Website, or
  • Fill the response sheet on The Website.

7. What is the retention period

  • We will retain it as long as required by our business to hold it to serve you better.
  • If obligated by laws to store information for longer period, we will hold that information even after request to delete them. Though we may not use them after request to delete them.
  • The period required by tax and company laws and regulations to hold the information.

8. Security of your information

We have taken measures to secure your information. But the inherent insecurity of internet transactions doesn’t guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us.

We restrict the use and access to the information to only those who need them for the purpose of work assigned to them.